Roll On Bed Liner Tips

A roll on bed liner will look like the expensive spray results if you follow the right steps towards achieving the fine finish for your old truck. It is a perfect choice for those who want to spend less and save more while still appreciate an absolutely an amazing results. Do-it-yourself and with the right installation it will stay and last for a longer period of time.

1. More Paint. Most expert painter suggests that 1 gallon is at the least but it is still too little so get an extra to cover your full size pickup. A 5 gallons of paint is used on a professional spray liners which is not possible to what you’ve want to put on.

2. Roll on Texture comparable to Spray. It is true that using a spray on your bed liner coating will give you a really fine results. You can still accomplish this type of finish using a roll on type of application. When it completely dries, the roll on marks will totally disappear as the paint settles. Now, it will look just like being sprayed and professionally applied. There’ is no huge difference between using a roll on or spray but you’ve got to properly apply the paint evenly so it won’t create/show some unintended bulge on your truck.

3. Proper Cleaner. The first step before applying a paint to your bed liner is to properly clean the bed surface. A will not stick to any area with wax and grease. So be sure to do the cleaning first before anything else. Get it done first else the paint will not stick. Use the right cleaning solvent which are normally available in many auto stores in your area.

4. Scratchy Surface. To make the new paint stick more, use a very coarse, aggressive sanding materials to make it more scratchy texture.

5. Application is the easiest Part. Paint application is the easy part of this process. The only hard ones are on the surface preparation and it is the key to this project’s success. Do right in your preparation and be finally ready to a fun paint application.

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